T'ang Quartet in the Press

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…to its ironic and final soothing figurations, the audience was kept transfixed.

The Straits Times

"flashes of inspired synchronicity that fired the senses into overdrive, even euphoria."

The Scotsman 2007

The T'ang Quartet's rhythmic delivery was exceptionally tight and sharp…' their command of timbre and internal balance seemed ideal…'making the music sound as fresh as it had been written yesterday …

The Irish Times,
June, 2006

"…a fine-toned, well-balanced, thoughtfully blended ensemble without a weak link – and with an excellent sense of style…"

The Strad,
June, 2005

This ensemble is outstanding. Unanimity of attack is uncanny, and intonation and internal balance both impress greatly. These are plainly minds which share a wavelength.

The Evening Standard,
29 March, 2005

…a lively and excellent young ensemble…

The Spectator,
11 December, 2004

…played by the astounding T'ang Quartet…with such confidence, bravura and charisma that they won the largest ovation of the Tanglewood Festival…

Boston Globe,
July 24, 2002

Quartet plays with zing of confidence… a smooth sheen to the sound… this quartet is its own master and commands that organic unity.

The Australian,
April 6, 2001

★★★ out of 4 Stars. …the T'ang Quartet brought more emotion and a greater sense of risk to its program that ultimately left me more exhilarated.…the T'ang is blessed with an incisive point of view.

Detroit Free Press,
February 28, 2000

…upbeat stage personality…trademarks of their tireless crusade to change the opinion that classical music is only for stuffed shirts.

The Straits Times,

a magnificent debut…

The Straits Times,
November 20, 1992

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