Concert Highlight

Comedy & Tragedy at Galway Arts Festival

Galway Arts Festival is Ireland's largest international arts festival. Founded in 1978, the festival has grown into a reputable international event in the arts and has contributed much to establishing Galway as a centre for the arts and culture, showcasing artistes from a range as diverse as Philip Glass and Kronos Quartet to Primal Scream and David Byrne.

In July 2012, T'ang Quartet performed at this renowned festival with a programme titled Comedy & Tragedy. In the spirit of the Festival's making the arts highly accessible to all walks of life while presenting an uncompromising standard of work, Comedy & Tragedy first brought the audience back to the beginnings of cinema where musicians accompanied the first silent films with the Quartet playing along to Buster Keaton's Haunted House, a 1921 short comedy film.

The second part of the programme presented Aulis Sallinen’s Some Aspects of Peltoniemi Hintrik’s Funeral March and the Chinese composer Bright Sheng’s String Quartet No.3.

Press Coverage & Reviews

… The T'ang Quartet's performance of Baudine Jam's score for The Haunted House was, by contrast, a bare bones affair … in favour of the raw experience of pure hand-eye co-ordination. … The score was in the spirit of the era of the movie, so much so that one almost stopped noticing movie and music as being separate from each other. Stravinsky said something to the effect that good orchestration is when you don't notice it. On Saturday that matching of ends and means was exactly what was delivered.

Live music and the silver screen,


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